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Matterport Promo Bulk

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Matterport Scan Promos

All matterport promo scans will be collected and tallied by Rich Lonardo Photography. After each scan, you clients will receive a detailed invoice stating use of matterport scan and how many they have left. 



Q: How will I know how many I scans I have left? 

A: After each scan a detailed invoice will be sent to you via e-mail stating use of scans and remaining balance.

Q: Can I use the promo scan on any size (square footage) home?

A: Yes. 

Q: Do promo purchases expire?

A: No, we ask that you use them in a timely manner, however, they will not expire.

Q: How do I receive the scan after the service is down?

A: We will link you do a Matterport page that holds all scans, there you can use the URL or Share buttons to embed or share your new scan.