Top 4 reasons to use drone photography for your real estate listing.

Top 4 reasons to use drone photography for your real estate listing.

Drone photography is fairly new to the real estate world. Even though aerial photography has been around for decades, it has always been pricey and full of headaches. You would not only have to find and hire photographer who weren't afraid of heights but you would have to hire a helicopter pilot as well! What a headache!

Say goodbye to those days. A professional FAA certified drone photographer is a quick google search away. Here are the top 4 reasons to use drone photography for your real estate listings.

1. Selling a lifestyle & surrounding area

Hiring a professional photographer to photograph the interior and exterior of your listing is always a great decision and highly recommended. However, tripods typically only reach 7' to 25'. Your potentional buyers want to see what they are surrounded by and where they can enjoy life without having to hop in a car and drive. Here is an example of selling a lifestyle and not just a home.

Notice, potential buyers will see a park and an open lake within walking distance. I surely would want to see that when looking for my new home/lifestyle.

Similar to selling a lifestyle these type of drone photos will show the surrounding area and where the home is located on a street, whether it be a court or backed to a open field, these are great advantages when listing a property. Here is a shot of a home backed to a field.

Also, good to know that its in a court...


2. New roof or Solar

Spending $20,000 on a new roof or solar is not something that needs to be "noted" in your MLS listing, it needs to be shown. If sellers are putting their home in your hands, you need to show them their investment will pay off. It's also beneficial for potentional buyers to see that a home has upgrades that ground level photos cannot capture.  Here is a photo where the sellers requested a shot to showcase their investment (solar)...


3. Shareability

In this day and age you can share just about anything on social media. Dynamic photos are what stops people from the never ending scroll on their iPhones. They want to see something new, a different perspective that is rarely seen and they WANT to share it. 


4. Your clients want it and you can give it!

Your sellers will ask for drone photos, why not beat them to the punch and offer it to them. There has never been a time before where you could offer this to your clients without having to break the bank. You owe it to them for selecting you as their agent, they entrusted you to give them the very best marketing. So make it happen!