I will visit a property you have for sale, audit it and deliver you a report for free. That's right, there's no cost and no obligation of any kind. Here's exactly what I'll do:

1. Do a complete walk through of the home to see what needs to be done to prepare for photography.

Having a well prepared home prior to the photography shoot really helps to maximize the benefits of a professional real estate photography session.

For example, based on my experience in preparing and photographing properties for sale over the past year, I can advise on the following:

    1.    Does furniture need moving to best showcase the home for photography? 

    2.    Are extra props required? 

    3.    Does clutter need removing? 

    4.    Do windows need cleaning? 

2. I'll check for possible angles for the exterior images.

The exterior shot of the home is one of the most important images you have, because that will usually be the first image prospective buyers see. I’ll check for:

        -  which angles will work best 

        -  what time of day is most appropriate 

        -  whether anything outside should be moved away, like garbage bins or toys. 

3. I’ll advise on which photo shoot would work best. 

I’ll explain what I would recommend for the timing of your photo shoot, and which photography package 

would be needed based on your specific photography requirements, and the design of the home. 

4. Prepare a report and explain my recommendations.

At the end of the Photography Audit, I’ll email you a comprehensive report stating the conclusions I’ve made.


You will leave with the following:

o a first-hand view of how magazine-quality photography can help YOU to attract more sellers who want you as their agent

o a much better understanding of the photographic needs of this specific home

o what the homeowners should do to maximize the benefit of a photographic shoot (including any changes they should make to the property)

o the importance of good photography, and the difference it will make in the marketing and subsequent sale price.